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This contest is finished.
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Contest starting
— 2018.01.01
The last day for uploading
— 2018.05.01
Winners will be announced
— 2018.05.06
Age Requirements
— No age requirement
— Any
Charge a fee
— Paid entry

Requirements for participation

All photographers (professional an amateur) can participate from any country of the world. The world of children is the topic of the photographic exhibition. Photographs will be rated in the following sections:


Reportage or genre photo.

«Children of War». Portraits and reportage photos in a war zone, refugees and displaced persons in different parts of the world.

Photo Art (Digital manipulated images)

Junior  - for participants under the age of 16.  Every participant can submit a maximum of 8 photos corresponding to the themes of all sections of the Photo Salon. 

Participants can submit only 5 photographs per section (except for the Junior section). Up to 5 photographs of the same topic could be submitted as one photo (series) in the section Reportage or genre photo and Children of War. Participants behold the responsibility for violation of copyrights and rights of the third parties.

Requirements for photos

Photos are only accepted in digital form. All images must be in format JPEG/8bit/sRGB/300 dpi, 3000 pixels on the long side. The file size is up to 8 MB. 

Further features are not permitted on the photo: framing fields, pseudo mat, autographs, author signs, e-mails, etc.